About Rio Summers

Rio Summers was born on Dec. 28, 1993 in Detroit, MI. As an infant she spent her earliest years in the city of Detroit with her parents Duryea & Melissa Summers. At the end of 1999, her mother moved Rio and her newborn sister Madison to Flat Rock, MI where they resided until 2008. Rio showed multiple talents as early as 5 years old. After seeing Britney Spears perform on TV, she vowed to her mother to become a star. In 2002, Rio excused herself from her 2nd grade class to the “bathroom” but had a plan to march down to the school’s music teacher & sing for her. The music teacher, Ms. Glover was teaching a class but Rio insisted on her moment. She sang a “Destiny’s Child” song and received much praise from her new instructor, who called her ‘a little star in the making’. This was the beginning of Rio truly exploring her talents.

Rio and family moved to Dearborn, MI in 2007-2010. By this time she had performed in multiple choir events, talent shows, and theatrical plays. Upon entering high school she decided to lay low, unsure of rebuilding her “star” status in a new community. However, her fire never dwindled and she returned to singing, talent shows and theater within months. Rio graduated from Woodhaven High School in 2012 after another family move. By 2014, she had not only suffered then recovered from a massive and deadly brain tumor, but moved to L.A 6 months later to finally pursue her dreams of entertainment. Rio is currently signed to Bella Agency with multiple high profile projects set to emerge in 2018.

Since her 2014 arrival in Los Angeles, Rio has modeled and acted for companies like Apple, Red Bull; brands such as ‘Wet ’N Wild’, Dylan Lex and JBL. She has even presented awards for organizations such as the NAACP. She has appeared down the runway for LA Fashion Week and Style Fashion Week since 2016. Rio has also been published in several magazines including American Prom, Elements Magazine, and California Apparel News.